Wednesday, October 26, 2016

No Internet Service in the Islands

We received this letter from the mission office this week:

Dear Friends,

The underwater internet cable between Guam, Ebeye, and and the Marshall Islands will be undergoing some major repairs.  During that period of time we will have no internet service and consequently our missionaries will not be able to communicate via email with family.friends.  The repairs are due to begin Saturday, October 29 and it is hoped they will be completed by November 6.  However, there is always the possibility (even likelihood) that the repairs will extend beyond November 6.  

So please do not worry when you don't hear from your missionary for 2 weeks.  The silver lining to this inconvenience is that without internet, folks will be less distracted and perhaps more inclined to take time to visit and study with our missionaries.

Please be assured that your missionary is well cared-for.

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