Wednesday, October 26, 2016

No Internet Service in the Islands

We received this letter from the mission office this week:

Dear Friends,

The underwater internet cable between Guam, Ebeye, and and the Marshall Islands will be undergoing some major repairs.  During that period of time we will have no internet service and consequently our missionaries will not be able to communicate via email with family.friends.  The repairs are due to begin Saturday, October 29 and it is hoped they will be completed by November 6.  However, there is always the possibility (even likelihood) that the repairs will extend beyond November 6.  

So please do not worry when you don't hear from your missionary for 2 weeks.  The silver lining to this inconvenience is that without internet, folks will be less distracted and perhaps more inclined to take time to visit and study with our missionaries.

Please be assured that your missionary is well cared-for.

Christmas Package Information

We recieved the following instructions for Jacob's Christmas package.  The mission has asked that he only recieve one Christmas package.

If you have any photos or a letter you'd like to include in Jacob's Christmas package please e-mail it to or contact us.  We are planning to send his package out by November 7, 2016.

October 2016
Dear Parents and Family of Marshall Islands Majuro Missionaries,

Thank you for supporting our missionaries as they serve with us as full-time missionaries in the Marshall Islands Majuro Mission.  It is our desire to help them become the missionaries the Lord needs them to be.  We love and appreciate them and their service.

As we approach the Christmas season we are aware that many of our missionaries will be receiving Christmas packages from home.  That is wonderful; however, we would ask you to be aware of the very modest family circumstances of many of our missionaries.  Being sensitive to those economic disparities, may we ask you to consider your son or daughter’s companion in your gift plans.

There is an additional consideration for your gift giving.  Packages will NOT be forwarded from Marshall Islands to Kiribati.  It would not be appropriate to pay those fees from the sacred tithing money used to administer our missions.  Please use the appropriate address when mailing your package and we ask that you send only ONE Christmas package per missionary.  It creates negative repercussions when a few missionaries receive multiple packages and others receive none.  Furthermore, please limit your box size to no larger than 12”x12”x6” or 30 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm.  Thank you.
For those in the USA mailing to the Marshall Islands, the most effective method for mailing packages is USPS Priority Mail.  The Flat Rate boxes are the most economical.

The address to use if your missionary is serving in the Marshall Islands (Majuro, Ebeye, Jaluit, Lae, or Wotje) is:
Marshall Islands Majuro Mission
PO Box 1107
Majuro, Marshall Islands

Finally, in case you might need a gift idea, here are some things our missionaries have suggested: small flashlights, head lamp and flashing backpack light for nighttime use, Leatherman tool, a waterproof backpack, batteries, shampoo, especially dandruff type (very expensive here), copies of General Conference talks, Christmas stories, and the most popular gift suggestion was letters and pictures from home. 
Thank you in advance for your kindness and cooperation. 

The Marshall Islands Majuro Mission

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Letter 7: October 23, 2016


I am doing great! It is beautiful here in the Marshall Islands! I love the weather here it is way better than Utah. A lot warmer , it is nice , and humid. I like the humidity, it is nice. I am serving in Long Island which is an area in Majuro. there is a lot of trees here. There are Pandanus trees, breadfruit trees, banana trees, and other trees. I will send pictures next week. I live with the assistants to the presidents, they live in an apartment close to the mission office, and to the president Larkins house. My trainer is Elder Helgenburger he is one of the assistants to the president. Monday is my new p-day. I have mostly eaten rice, ramen, tuna, and spam. There is a ton of children everywhere, there is also a ton of dogs, and cats. 

Hawaii was good, when we got to Hawaii it was around 3:30 p.m. We took the hotel bus to the hotel, which was 15 minutes away from the airport. right in front of the hotel is a highway then a freeway right on top of it. Since Elder Uitu leaves on Thursday, Elder Kendrick was my temporary companion. once we got our luggage in our room. Me, E Kendrick, E House, E Dunn took a taxi to Costco. To fix E Kendrick, and I glasses, we also ate there, I had a Hot dog, and a chicken bake. I wanted to see the USS Arizona memorial but it was already closed. At around 8:00 p.m. I went with E Hansen, E Barrow, E Koleni to a grocery store to get fresh fruit. E Hansen got a pineapple, and a dragon fruit. the dragon fruit was disgusting, and the pineapple was not ripe enough. Hawaii is beautiful, and green.

I love you guys!

Elder Sien

Arrival in the Marshall Islands October 20, 2016

Just to let you know that your wonderful son, elder Sien, arrived safely in Majuro today.  We had a wonderful orientation meeting and lunch with all our new missionaries followed by a brief tour of Majuro.

Tomorrow we will hold our "Train-the-Trainer" meeting for all trainers and new missionaries, after which, the "work" begins. 

Elder Sien has been assigned to the Long Island area and his trainer is Elder Wakefield.

We are so grateful to have your son serving in our mission.

With love,
President and Sister Larkin

Photo taken at the airport

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Letter 6: October 14, 2016


I can't believe I am leaving to the Marshall Islands this coming Tuesday at 6:20 a.m.I felt like the 6 weeks here in the MTC went by fast, but also I felt like I have been here for years! My district, and I leave out of the Salt Lake city airport to Hawaii, and stay in Hawaii for the whole afternoon. We stay the night in Hawaii at a hotel, then wake up, and get to the Hawaii airport to fly straight to the Marshalls. I am so excited to leave the MTC! I can't wait to spend time in Hawaii. 

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ, and how it has helped me make good choices. I know that Jesus Christ loves us because he died for us so that we may be able to repent of our sins, and live with our Heavenly Father again. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, I know that reading studying, and pondering its pages will helps us receive answers to our questions. Having the Book of Mormon should not be taking lightly. We need to study, and ponder the pages of the Book of Mormon everyday. I know that Joseph Smith saw God the father,and His son Jesus Christ. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet, and through him the true church, the Priesthood are restored to the earth. I share these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love, Elder Sien

It looks like Jacob figured out his camera, and sent lots of pictures this week:

One of the pros of sending packages full of food to Elder Sien and his companion, is we also get to hear from Elder Sien's Samoan companion's (whom I am sure appreciate all the food)  Jacob shared with us that Elder Uitu ate all 24 twinkies within 2 days!  The "Island guy" can eat!  Their letters were both very positive of Elder Sien:


I wrote u this letter, to show how supportive I am to ur son...I am so happy to be Siens companion.. He is a good elder, he nas a strong heart..and i thank him for that...thank u for trusting me, I will always take care of i told him everytime, Sien i always got your back, dont worry about anything. And i promised u that no harm things will stop us from moving forward in gods work.....I love him so much, I always treat him as my Brother, cause i am from a family with only 3 sisters, but no brother....BUt anyways, thank you again for being such a great mother. Send my love to ur husband and also the Kids...much love from the island

Ulimasao Vincent Uitu!!!!!!!!!

Hi Mom,

i'm Elder Sien samoan friend here in the mtc..we'll be leaving nextweek for Marshall Island..yeah..i am so amaze of how you raise your son..he is a really really HUMBLE missionary.i love working together with Elder Sien and  i love helping him.I just wanna embrace you with your husband for teaching and supporting Sien to come here in the mission.It really is a blessing for me to have  Elder Sien here with us.We are all excited we're leaving next week..We are taking care of each others here in the mtc and we will always take care of each others..Love You..May God Bless Elder SIEN's Family.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Letter 5: October 7, 2016

Hey!  Iokwe!

ej et am mour?  How are you? I have been doing laundry today.  I went to the temple with my district.  We did Intiatory. We have a BYU bookstore in the MTC. I ate breakfast at the temple. The food at the temple is so much better then the food at the MTC. Then we did laundry.then went to the bookstore, ate lunch and now i am in the computer lab.

I am doing great! I am wearing the lava lava I got from my companion.  Yeah it is really cold here. I am so cold. I got a jacket from the BYU bookstore.  My district ,and I got our flight plans today!  We leave the Salt lake airport at noon to Hawaii, we get to Hawaii at 3:00 p.m so we have the whole afternoon in Hawaii! I am so excited!!! Now I can say I have been to Hawaii! The next day we leave to the marshalls at 7:25 am and get there at 10:35 am.  I cant wait! Everyone is excited!  I want to leave but I feel like I don't know a lot about the language, so I am a little nervous. 

We got the Conference package you sent for me and my companion, thanks for all the letters too.  I saw the video you sent of August, I miss him. I loved it, thanks for sending it. I love you too, and yeah I am doing alright emotionally.  I will take lots of pictures. 

Conference was amazing!! I loved all of the talks! I liked Elder Gary E Stevenson talk about the Book of Mormon. I liked when Stevenson said "As you look to the book, you look to the Lord"  I like that, I never thought that when you read the book of mormon you look to God. 

I just can't concentrate right now, I am so excited to leave on to the Marshall Islands.  I am going to send you a written letter about my week. I feel like it will be easier for me. I will write in nice handwriting. I will try this only once. 

Ij iokwe kom! I love yous!