Friday, November 25, 2016

Photo Update

The Internet has been very spotty for Jacob.  He does not have much time to write and the Internet is very slow.  We have been able to chat with him on IM a few weeks in a row on his Preparation Day; and he sounds very optimistic, happy and healthy.

He told us he really likes his companion, who is an Assistant to the Mission President, and they live in Majuro near the mission home.  He lives with three other Elders.  The other companionship is Elder Hart and Elder Wakefield.  When the AP's have office work to do, he serves with Elder Wakefield.

He eats ramen, tuna, spam, and rice the most.  He said spicy spam is the best.  He mentioned he cannot really see the sunsets because he is in the middle of the Island.  On Halloween a ton of Marshallese kids came to his apartment complex and knocked on all the doors and sang, "Happy Halloween" over and over again.  When they teach investigators he shares his testimony in Marshallese.  The language is very difficult and the work is pretty slow.  They have about 4 investigators.  Often when they go to teach them, the people are busy.  He said the Marshallese has their own accent and it is really hard to understand them because they use their tongues a lot when they speak in the back of their throats, so he said it is hard to get used to that.

He ended the chat, "I love the Marshall Islands, I love the people even though I do not understand them yet and I love and miss you guys."

It is amazing to be able to live chat with him for a few minutes from far across the world, technology is amazing! Thank you to all of you who e-mailed him for his birthday, which is this Friday December 2!  He mentioned he received a lot of e-mails and was very happy.

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