Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017: Pictures of Ebeye

We were able to chat with Elder Sien today.  Impressively, he and his companion were able to eat $100.00 worth of junk food in a just few days.  He requested more microwaveable chow mein noodles.  Ha.  The highlight of his week was seeing Brother Seiter.  It made him so happy and a little homesick.

Jacob sounds great and sends his love.

Elder Sien sees a familiar face from home

Our friend Nathan travels for work to Kwajalein Island a few times a year. Because Jacob is serving so close in Ebeye, Nathan was able to take a ferry and attend Stake Conference and see Elder Sien.  What an amazing experience for both of them.  Thank you so much Nathan! Heavenly Father is so aware, what a tender mercy. 

We sent Jacob an embarrassing backpack full of his favorite snacks.  The backpack has a minion that says, "All in favor say EYE"  We could not resist a good pun and changed it to "All in favor say EBEYE!"  

Enjoy the pictures from Nathan.  Here is part of the e-mail he sent us,

"I met up with Elder Sien today.  He looks good.  He was super embarrassed about the backpack but seemed happy to get it.  It sounds like he is having a great mission.  He looked happy.  I gave him the hug as promised.  We talked for a few minutes and then I tried to take a video of him sharing his testimony in Marshallese.  I’m so sad and so sorry because the video didn’t record.  I only got a few seconds of video before he started and a few after he ended.  It was such a neat testimony.  I really felt the spirit.  I’m attaching a few of the frames from the video.  His companion was cracking up that I made Jacob share his testimony."