Friday, September 30, 2016

Letter 4: September 30, 2016


This week I got a stuffy nose, and I got a cough, and also a headache. It was terrible. Thankfully I brought Ibuprofen to relieve the pain. 

Thank you for sending those packages, I really liked receiving my favorite snacks.  I feel a little bit better today. I got the picture book, thank you. I like it a lot. Thank you! You have a great General Conference too! Do you read my emails together on Friday nights?  Love you!  Thank you for sending the packages! I will send the camera I have next week. I don't really need anything right now. Just the black crocs and the smaller camera. Thank you!

Kajin Majel (Marshallese) is still hard. When I teach the investigator (our teacher) with my companion I don't use notes. Which is good! I am trying to memorize the first vision in marshallese. this is what I memorized so far: Iaar lo juon juorn meram lukkuun ioon wot bora. ilontok meram. 

I am not sure when we leave the MTC, but I do know that we have three weeks left. I have made friends with my whole district, and others in other districts. Elder Hanson, Elder Barrow, Elder Anderson are close friends of mine. 

Brother Switcher,and Sister Switcher spoke to us on Tuesday. Sister Switcher talked about living with no regrets, and Elder Switcher talked about the commandments, and how to teach, and apply them to investigators. Something that surprised me about the MTC was the schedule, every day at the MTC is planned for you.

Saturday: At 2:00 p.m. we have to teach two TRC. The lessons are 20 minutes long. TRC's are members who know your mission language, and come to the MTC so you can teach them, help them come unto Kraist, and you are able to practice your mission language. I was so nervous, but when we started teaching, the nervousness left. We taught them the importance of keeping the sabbath day holy, and the blessings that come when you are obedient. 

Sunday: I love Sunday's, I love the Sacrament, and renewing my covenants with God, I love listening to the inspirational devotionals, I love watching spiritual movies that uplift, and edify me. I was not called to give a talk during Sacrament meeting, but I liked the talks that were given, I felt the Spirit. Brother Allen gave a great talk, about keeping your head held high, not in a prideful manner, but to be happy. I watch 17 miracles with my district. The saints went through alot just to get to Zion (Salt Lake Valley) they had so many trials; ran out of food, people got sick then eventually died, physical pains, but the Saint's had immense faith. They pushed through there hard trials, and they were blessed, because of there faith. I encourage you guys to watch 17 miracles. It is a great movie!

Monday: Today has been a good day! I feel like throughout the day me and Elder Uitu are being friendlier and kinder to each other. We had service again this morning. My favorite breakfast in the MTC is sausage, egg, and tator tots, it is the best! I had two plates of that! Got my first package of the week from you! My teacher served in the Marshall's and Kiribati, He says "yous" a lot, his name is Brother Tonini. He is from Texas, but he now has an Australian accent. 

Tuesday: For the devotional, Brother Switcher, and Sister Switcher spoke. Sister Switcher spoke about living with no regrets. Brother Switcher spoke about the commandments, and how you can teach, and apply them to the investigators 

Wednesday:Today my mottan (companion) had to get an interview for his temple reccomend with President Beurgess the MTC president. Played volleyball during exercise time. Had so much fun! I am starting to get pretty good at volleyball, and starting to spike the volleyball.

Ij iokwe eok! I love you!

Elder Sien

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Letter 3: September 23, 2016

Iokwe!  This week has been a pretty hard week for me because learning Marshallese is so hard.  And some of the time me, and my companion get frustrated at each other. 

But I just got back from the temple. I feel happy, and ready to do better this next week.This next week I want stay focused on using my time wisely by studying my scriptures, studying Kajin Majol(Marshallese), and working with Elder Uitu (my companion) to have a better relationship.The food in the MTC is not great, but it is not terrible. I eat pretty well, I usually take one plate for meals, but sometimes I eat two plates. 

In our resident building, we have a vending machine. Mostly every night, I get pizza, chocolate milk, and an ice cream. I only get homesick when I read your emails.

Friday: We as a District were going to wake up at 5:00 a.m., so we could go to the temple at 6:30. But we were so tired we decided not to go, and sleep some more.Did laundry. At 1:30 we as a District went to the temple except Elder Uitu, Elder Koleni, and Elder Covington( from Sandy, Utah) The reason why my companion didn't go to the temple is because he left it at his house in Samoa, by accident.

Saturday: Woke up at 6:38 a.m, I was so tired,and did not want to wake up at 6:30. Again me, and Elder Uitu were late for study time in our classroom. Played Volleyball for exercise time. 

Sunday: We have Sacrament at 1:30 p.m. So we have time to write our talks. Today I was not asked to give a talk in sacrament meeting, thankfully! After Sacrament meeting we have Priesthood for an hour. Then we walked around the Temple.

Monday: As a District we have service on mondays for an hour in the morning. I swept the all the bathrooms, and the staircases. Elder Uitu, and I traveled the world during the first 20 minutes of Class. He needed to take his passport to check the statis for his visa, at the travel office. 

Tuesday: On Tuesday nights we have Devotionals. Elder Clayton, and sister Clayton spoke to us. I felt like I needed to improve myself, and work harder to improve me, and my companions relationship.

My District: left to right, Back row: Elder Barrow from Texas, Sister Greenburg from Murray Utah, Elder Hanson from Missouri, Me. Middle Row: Elder Tingey from Mesa Arizona, Elder Kendrick from South Ogden Utah, Elder House from San diego California, Elder Uitu from American Samoa, Elder Covington from Sandy Utah, Elder Koleni from Western Samoa. Front Row: Elder Dunn from Pleasant Grove Utah, and Elder Anderson from Farmington Utah. 

Friday, September 16, 2016


Shout out to Elder Tingey's Mom, thanks to her we have some photos this week.  Hopefully Jacob has more time to upload his photos next week.

In Elder Tingey's letter he explained Jacob's MTC Companion as follows,

"Elder Uitu, is like a big soft gorilla haha he wears his shades everywhere hahha and he calls him comp (Elder Sien) spiderman, because he looks like him apparently. just imagine him saying spiderman with his Samoan accent its hilarious."

Letter 2: September 16, 2016

Iokwe! Ej et am mour?  Hello! How are you doing? Marshallese is hard to learn, but I am slowly memorizing words, and pronouncing words correctly. Also I can say the whole prayer in Marshallese!  It was hard but I got it down. I am so happy, and feel the spirit so strongly here.

Saturday: Today was a normal day we had class. Taught Alton a lesson in marshallese. My companion Elder Uitu, and Elder Kolani are both from Samoa. Both of them are super funny.

Sunday: Every Sunday the Branch President chooses two people to give a talk in Sacrament meeting so I was nervous. Thankfully I didn't get chosen. I also passed the Sacrament. It was amazing!

Monday: We had service and  I cleaned the toilets. Our Marshallese district ,and another Marshallese district combined for class. Me and Elder Uitu lost them so we just hung out in our classroom for three hours!

Tuesday: Tuesday nights are when the an Apostle comes ,and speak to us. It was amazing! I also with all my district sang in the choir. It was amazing! We sang Nearer my God to thee.

Wednesday: Today me and Elder Uitu got fustrated with each other so I had a rough day. Also I had a hard time in class learning Marshallese. It was so hard understanding the teacher. Wednesday night we taught Alton the Atonement . I felt the spirit strongly. I am trying to be more loving ,and patient with my companion.

Thursday: Thursday was a regular day. During exercise time I played volleyball. We gained two new investigators. one named Henry, and Jarbon.

I love you guys!

I love you!
Elder Sien

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Letter 1: September 9, 2016


The MTC is pretty awesome! I felt so nervous going into the MTC, but when I went in I felt the spirit, and was comforted. I am short on time because my companion arrived last night and I had to get him ready for the MTC. My companion is Elder Uiutu, he is from American Somoa. 

Wednesday: I got all my stuff for the MTC. Then took it to my room. Then straight to learning a bit of Marshallese in my classroom. My district is amazing!

Thursday:We went to the classroom to learn more about Marshallese. We already have to teach a lesson in Marshallese Friday night!

Friday is my P day.

Love you,
Elder Sien

September 7, 2016: Missionary Training Center

Jacob was ready and excited to go to the MTC on Wednesday.  

On Tuesday night he wanted his "last supper" to be Indian food, and so we enjoyed naan, tandori, and curry at India Palace in Provo, Utah across from the Provo City Center Temple.  We spent the afternoon walking around the new Provo temple and the BYU bookstore.  We stayed the night overlooking the beautiful mountains in Midway, UT.  Jacob was able to Facetime with Bryn, Aevyn and Eden and his Mom and Jack that evening.

Wednesday morning Jacob finished reading the Book of Mormon and requested french toast for breakfast.  We went to Kneaders and he ordered all you can eat french toast. Jacob had a quiet confidence about him all morning.  We had a sweet family prayer and thought together, and we shared this quote with Jacob.

"Heavenly Father knows all about you—your strengths and your weaknesses. He knows perfectly who you are, but He also knows who you can become. And with that knowledge, He has placed you here, now—at the exact place and time in which you can do the most good with the talents and gifts He has given you." - Elder Craig C. Christensen

On the drive to the MTC Jacob made a few phone calls to say his final goodbyes.  When we arrived at the MTC we were directed to the right and began to help Jacob unload. Jacob was warmly greeted by his host missionary who met him at the curb of the MTC was Elder Brown.  Elder Brown was called to serve in the Oakland mission Tongan speaking.  He was friendly, and very helpful to Jacob.  Jacob gave us all hugs and walked away from us with a big smile and a lot of confidence.  

We are so proud of him.