Monday, October 10, 2016

Letter 5: October 7, 2016

Hey!  Iokwe!

ej et am mour?  How are you? I have been doing laundry today.  I went to the temple with my district.  We did Intiatory. We have a BYU bookstore in the MTC. I ate breakfast at the temple. The food at the temple is so much better then the food at the MTC. Then we did laundry.then went to the bookstore, ate lunch and now i am in the computer lab.

I am doing great! I am wearing the lava lava I got from my companion.  Yeah it is really cold here. I am so cold. I got a jacket from the BYU bookstore.  My district ,and I got our flight plans today!  We leave the Salt lake airport at noon to Hawaii, we get to Hawaii at 3:00 p.m so we have the whole afternoon in Hawaii! I am so excited!!! Now I can say I have been to Hawaii! The next day we leave to the marshalls at 7:25 am and get there at 10:35 am.  I cant wait! Everyone is excited!  I want to leave but I feel like I don't know a lot about the language, so I am a little nervous. 

We got the Conference package you sent for me and my companion, thanks for all the letters too.  I saw the video you sent of August, I miss him. I loved it, thanks for sending it. I love you too, and yeah I am doing alright emotionally.  I will take lots of pictures. 

Conference was amazing!! I loved all of the talks! I liked Elder Gary E Stevenson talk about the Book of Mormon. I liked when Stevenson said "As you look to the book, you look to the Lord"  I like that, I never thought that when you read the book of mormon you look to God. 

I just can't concentrate right now, I am so excited to leave on to the Marshall Islands.  I am going to send you a written letter about my week. I feel like it will be easier for me. I will write in nice handwriting. I will try this only once. 

Ij iokwe kom! I love yous!

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