Sunday, December 10, 2017

Merry Kurijmoj!

 Our Christmas wish was fulfilled and even came early!  We received some pictures of Jacob from a senior couple serving in the Marshall Islands.  Elder Sien has had a combination of camera issues, charging issues, and an Internet connection that crashes every time he tries to send pictures so we haven't received very many.  So this made us so happy!  

We sent Elder Sien a birthday package and included some early Christmas gifts.  If you know Jacob one of his favorite things is to decorate for the holidays.  It looks like he put the (lightweight and small) decorations right to good use.  Jacob is also very generous and loves to share with others, so we sent a lot of little trinkets and gifts he can share with Marshellese kids.  He asked for new pants because he outgrew his old ones and wanted some skinny ties.  And we filled the rest of the box with as much Toberlone, Cheese Its, and Chow Mein as would fit.

Elder Sien is currently serving in Ebeye which we love because we can send him a priority mail package through the postal service that he receives in about a week and it only costs $18.00!  Amazing!  He is the senior companion and is training his companion Elder Demke from Tennessee.  He had a great Thanksgiving, and even had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and stuffing.  As well as rice taro pudding for dessert.  Every night he practices a dance called "BEAT" with Ward Members in preparation for Christmas.  He loves learning the beat and is having so much fun.  He eats a lot of fish, spam and rice.

He would love to hear from you!  His current address is:

Elder Jacob T. Sien
P.O. Box 5939
Ebeye MH    
Marshall Islands

His email address is: 

 Here is a letter he sent on December 4, 2017:

Iokwe! Iokwe! Ro Jeiu im Jatu!

Merry Kurijmoj!

Wow! I cant beileve its christmas already. I cant wait to have christmas in ebeye. I hope I stay here for christmas. The transferr bigans on the 20th of Decemba. I hope I saty in ebeye. It is so fun here. Our ward is practicing biit every night, its so fun. I like doing biit cause it is the action of doing stuff. Like our biirt we have to do the action of getting the ma from the tree and make bwiro we have to dance the action also we have to make the crown for the girls and the girls make the neclace for the guys and dance it out and put it on the them, its all a dance but we act out those parts. its so fun. on christmas we will do that biit. 

Also this past friday was Gospel day, all of the marshall islands celebrates when the missionaries from the morning star boat taught the marshallese  people the gospel, cause before ,marshallese killed alot but after they became christian they changed and loved each other. On sunday at the protestant church they did a biit for gospel day. also at night they did a parade and threw candy for the kids.

It has been great hopefully we get this family of three baptise this saterday  i am so happy for them. Thank you guys for your support, and love for me. I love all yous and miss yous! have a great week!

Ij iokwe kom!

Jan Elder Sien

Thursday, July 13, 2017

July 9, 2017

Iokwe aolep!

      I have had a great week in Uliga this past week working with my intake brother Elder Dunn my first time working with my intake, it is the best. The president interviewed me last minute saying that I was not going to serve in Long island but that I was going to Uliga to work with Elder Dunn. I am happy to be back in Uliga I like the ward, the area. 
      Thursday I left from Laura to Uliga, and started working with Elder Dunn all that day we studied with investigators and went to a members house. On Friday we had service with the Delap Elder's.  In Delap we were mixing cement for this house it was so fun even though I was dead after that service, yeah mixing cement with shovels is a work out. I forgot to take a picture of me mixing cement but next time I will when we have the service again then after that service we had another one at a members house pulling weeds throwing trash away, it was a lot of work. I like giving service to people and helping them, and showing my love for them by serving them. 

Saturday was a very busy day we had lessons with our investigators, and telling all of them about church and to come.  At night time we went to a baptism in the Jenrok ward it was good except there was more missionaries then members there it was sad. And after that we went to a birthday party for this Kiritbatus family there was a lot of Kiritbus people there, they did a Kiritbus traditional dance it was so cool plus I also forgot to bring my camera.  I feel so bad, I am going to start to bring my camera more often. 

Sunday was good but at first there was more investigators then members and we waited for the bishop for 30 minutes after the time we were supposed to start and then all of the members just came like a wave, but church was awesome! I am happy to be back in Uliga! I hope all yous have a great week! 

    Ij iokwe kom! Im ikonaan komolol anij kon iien in imaron pad lo majel im jerbal ilo majol! majol elukkun emman majol ippa!
     I love yous!   And I want to thank Hod for this time I can be in Marshall Islands and work in Marshall island!  Marshall island is very good with me!

Elder Sien

June 25, 2017

Iokwe aolep!

   In Majuro we just had stake conference, it was great! The president Larkin, he spoke of members inviting their less active families and members back to church. He also said that they can do small things like talking to them by being there friends, or baking them a cake. Then they will feel your love for them, and they will fell important. I liked his talk, I am going to try harder to implement his talk with my investigators, members, and less actives because I want them to feel my love for them. 

       Over the past few weeks I have been working back in Majuro in Laura/ Arrack, it has been great! This past week it has rained a lot and in Marshallese culture they sleep when it rains and don't want you to come in there house wet cause it's bad manners. So it has been difficult to go talk to people. but this past Wednesday, after district meeting we went to see are investigator you is names is Sam he is pretty old and he can't remember is age or when he was born, one lesson he told us he was 41 but he doesn't look like. I feel so bad but that Wednesday we taught him about the book of Mormon, and one of the senior missionary came with us because he wants to learn marshallese his name is Elder Seager from Las Vegas. I hoped Sam understood I know he felt the spirit in the lesson because I felt it too. And also hearing Elder Seager's testimony in marshallse I felt the spirit. And all during that it rained so hard it was crazy!  

     I love the Marshall Islands, I love the people, there culture, there food, and everything about the Marshall islands. I also love this gospel which i get to share every single day! 

      Kommooltata aelop! Ij lukkuun Iokwe kom! 
   Elder Sien

Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017: Pictures of Ebeye

We were able to chat with Elder Sien today.  Impressively, he and his companion were able to eat $100.00 worth of junk food in a just few days.  He requested more microwaveable chow mein noodles.  Ha.  The highlight of his week was seeing Brother Seiter.  It made him so happy and a little homesick.

Jacob sounds great and sends his love.

Elder Sien sees a familiar face from home

Our friend Nathan travels for work to Kwajalein Island a few times a year. Because Jacob is serving so close in Ebeye, Nathan was able to take a ferry and attend Stake Conference and see Elder Sien.  What an amazing experience for both of them.  Thank you so much Nathan! Heavenly Father is so aware, what a tender mercy. 

We sent Jacob an embarrassing backpack full of his favorite snacks.  The backpack has a minion that says, "All in favor say EYE"  We could not resist a good pun and changed it to "All in favor say EBEYE!"  

Enjoy the pictures from Nathan.  Here is part of the e-mail he sent us,

"I met up with Elder Sien today.  He looks good.  He was super embarrassed about the backpack but seemed happy to get it.  It sounds like he is having a great mission.  He looked happy.  I gave him the hug as promised.  We talked for a few minutes and then I tried to take a video of him sharing his testimony in Marshallese.  I’m so sad and so sorry because the video didn’t record.  I only got a few seconds of video before he started and a few after he ended.  It was such a neat testimony.  I really felt the spirit.  I’m attaching a few of the frames from the video.  His companion was cracking up that I made Jacob share his testimony."

Monday, April 17, 2017

April 10, 2017

Iokwe aolep!

I am sorry I have not emailed in a long time!  We don't get much time to email since there is one computer. I have been working in Ebeye south for 6 weeks now, its been fun! My companion was Elder Mcafall he is from Samoa, he is great and funny. There are 8 missionaries in ebeye. In north there was Elder Polson, and Elder Mcalsiter. In central; Elder Turnbow and Elder Uitu.  In South Ebye there is Elder Mcfall and me. 

The sisters work the whole island. Now elder Polson got transferred to Jaluit, and he was our district leader, and Elder Mcafall got transferred to Majuro some where. I am staying!  This will be my fisrt time to be in an area longer that 6 weeks! Yeah! now. In north there will be Elder Trunbow as district leader with Elder Uitu. Central is closed now.  In South it will be me with Elder Mcalister and me as the senior comp!  It is my first time being senior comp in the mission.

I forgot Sister Fisk one of the sisters here is working in Long Island Majuro and becoming to stl sister traing leader. And a new sister is coming today, Sister Nilsson. 

I am excited to work with Elder Mcalsiter. I hope yous have a great week!  Love you!

Elder Sien

Pictures from Gue Gee Gue

Elder Sien has not been writing many letters due to time constraints and the poor Internet connection, but we have been able to chat with him almost weekly on Instant Messenger and he sounds wonderful.  He is currently the senior companion and serving in the area he has been in the longest; Ebeye South.  He is mastering the language and enjoying the culture, weather, and people.

Today is the day we have long been waiting for, he sent us pictures!  Hooray!  The Internet kept crashing, but they did come through.  It was worth the wait.