Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 7, 2016: Missionary Training Center

Jacob was ready and excited to go to the MTC on Wednesday.  

On Tuesday night he wanted his "last supper" to be Indian food, and so we enjoyed naan, tandori, and curry at India Palace in Provo, Utah across from the Provo City Center Temple.  We spent the afternoon walking around the new Provo temple and the BYU bookstore.  We stayed the night overlooking the beautiful mountains in Midway, UT.  Jacob was able to Facetime with Bryn, Aevyn and Eden and his Mom and Jack that evening.

Wednesday morning Jacob finished reading the Book of Mormon and requested french toast for breakfast.  We went to Kneaders and he ordered all you can eat french toast. Jacob had a quiet confidence about him all morning.  We had a sweet family prayer and thought together, and we shared this quote with Jacob.

"Heavenly Father knows all about you—your strengths and your weaknesses. He knows perfectly who you are, but He also knows who you can become. And with that knowledge, He has placed you here, now—at the exact place and time in which you can do the most good with the talents and gifts He has given you." - Elder Craig C. Christensen

On the drive to the MTC Jacob made a few phone calls to say his final goodbyes.  When we arrived at the MTC we were directed to the right and began to help Jacob unload. Jacob was warmly greeted by his host missionary who met him at the curb of the MTC was Elder Brown.  Elder Brown was called to serve in the Oakland mission Tongan speaking.  He was friendly, and very helpful to Jacob.  Jacob gave us all hugs and walked away from us with a big smile and a lot of confidence.  

We are so proud of him.

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