Friday, September 16, 2016

Letter 2: September 16, 2016

Iokwe! Ej et am mour?  Hello! How are you doing? Marshallese is hard to learn, but I am slowly memorizing words, and pronouncing words correctly. Also I can say the whole prayer in Marshallese!  It was hard but I got it down. I am so happy, and feel the spirit so strongly here.

Saturday: Today was a normal day we had class. Taught Alton a lesson in marshallese. My companion Elder Uitu, and Elder Kolani are both from Samoa. Both of them are super funny.

Sunday: Every Sunday the Branch President chooses two people to give a talk in Sacrament meeting so I was nervous. Thankfully I didn't get chosen. I also passed the Sacrament. It was amazing!

Monday: We had service and  I cleaned the toilets. Our Marshallese district ,and another Marshallese district combined for class. Me and Elder Uitu lost them so we just hung out in our classroom for three hours!

Tuesday: Tuesday nights are when the an Apostle comes ,and speak to us. It was amazing! I also with all my district sang in the choir. It was amazing! We sang Nearer my God to thee.

Wednesday: Today me and Elder Uitu got fustrated with each other so I had a rough day. Also I had a hard time in class learning Marshallese. It was so hard understanding the teacher. Wednesday night we taught Alton the Atonement . I felt the spirit strongly. I am trying to be more loving ,and patient with my companion.

Thursday: Thursday was a regular day. During exercise time I played volleyball. We gained two new investigators. one named Henry, and Jarbon.

I love you guys!

I love you!
Elder Sien

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