Thursday, July 13, 2017

June 25, 2017

Iokwe aolep!

   In Majuro we just had stake conference, it was great! The president Larkin, he spoke of members inviting their less active families and members back to church. He also said that they can do small things like talking to them by being there friends, or baking them a cake. Then they will feel your love for them, and they will fell important. I liked his talk, I am going to try harder to implement his talk with my investigators, members, and less actives because I want them to feel my love for them. 

       Over the past few weeks I have been working back in Majuro in Laura/ Arrack, it has been great! This past week it has rained a lot and in Marshallese culture they sleep when it rains and don't want you to come in there house wet cause it's bad manners. So it has been difficult to go talk to people. but this past Wednesday, after district meeting we went to see are investigator you is names is Sam he is pretty old and he can't remember is age or when he was born, one lesson he told us he was 41 but he doesn't look like. I feel so bad but that Wednesday we taught him about the book of Mormon, and one of the senior missionary came with us because he wants to learn marshallese his name is Elder Seager from Las Vegas. I hoped Sam understood I know he felt the spirit in the lesson because I felt it too. And also hearing Elder Seager's testimony in marshallse I felt the spirit. And all during that it rained so hard it was crazy!  

     I love the Marshall Islands, I love the people, there culture, there food, and everything about the Marshall islands. I also love this gospel which i get to share every single day! 

      Kommooltata aelop! Ij lukkuun Iokwe kom! 
   Elder Sien

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