Monday, April 17, 2017

April 10, 2017

Iokwe aolep!

I am sorry I have not emailed in a long time!  We don't get much time to email since there is one computer. I have been working in Ebeye south for 6 weeks now, its been fun! My companion was Elder Mcafall he is from Samoa, he is great and funny. There are 8 missionaries in ebeye. In north there was Elder Polson, and Elder Mcalsiter. In central; Elder Turnbow and Elder Uitu.  In South Ebye there is Elder Mcfall and me. 

The sisters work the whole island. Now elder Polson got transferred to Jaluit, and he was our district leader, and Elder Mcafall got transferred to Majuro some where. I am staying!  This will be my fisrt time to be in an area longer that 6 weeks! Yeah! now. In north there will be Elder Trunbow as district leader with Elder Uitu. Central is closed now.  In South it will be me with Elder Mcalister and me as the senior comp!  It is my first time being senior comp in the mission.

I forgot Sister Fisk one of the sisters here is working in Long Island Majuro and becoming to stl sister traing leader. And a new sister is coming today, Sister Nilsson. 

I am excited to work with Elder Mcalsiter. I hope yous have a great week!  Love you!

Elder Sien

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