Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Letter 8: November 27, 2016

Iokwe! I am doing great! Sorry that I have not emailed in a while. I love the Marshall Islands the people are so nice. It is hot here but not really humid. It is nice, it seems like every other day it rains here. When it rains or when it is really hot the Marshallese people usually sleep, but not all of them. Marshallese people are so nice. If you want to make an appointment to study with they will say yes even though they really don't want to study. so they set up a time when they are working or gone. But it is still good. 

Me and my companion are getting along!   Since he is an AP (Assistant to President) some days he works in the mission office with the other AP, so I go out with Elder Wakefield. There are four missionaries living in the apartment; Elder Hart, Elder Wakefield, Elder Helgenburger, and me. They are all nice, and cool. We live in the apartments in Long Island by the Mission office. I have not eaten any weird things because we have not had a lot of dinners with the members. But we usually eat rice, ramen, spam, and tuna almost every day. The hot and spicy spam is the best! On a good week we have around 15 lessons a week. we have 3 progressing invesigators, and we got 4 new potential investigators last week. 

I am happy, and heathly. I just dont understand when people speak. It seems like everbody has their own accent, so it is really hard to understand. When you speak marshallese you use your tongue a lot.  For thanksgiving we went to Bishop Ackleys house, he is the bishop for Uliga.  When he was young he moved with his family to the Marshall Islands, and then back to the States.  He even lived in Arizona.  He served his mission here and married a Marshalese girl.   It was nice, we had turkey, corn, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. 

At church I pass the sacrament and help teach.  There are two deacons in my ward.  The reason for the emergency transfers is because of certain missionaries who do not get along with their compainions. I love the Islands, Majuro has more stuff then the outer islands. Majuro has electricity, cars, air conditioning, and other stuff like the us. The thing I was surprised about was that the ward has a lot of less actives, and a small number who are active members. The reason for that is because the members do not fellowship the new converts. When there is a new convert in your ward please fellowship them, and go out of your way to get to know the new convert, and be there friend! The members now are trying to fellowship more, so it is getting better. have a great week! I LOVE YOUS, sorry for the short letter, and the spelling mistakes.  Please tell all my friends and family thank you for the birthday emails.  

Elder Sien

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